Oakley Sunglasses Are Made To Fit Your Facial Features

The smaller sunglasses that Oakleys Clearance supplies for instance, are superb for kids. Oakley affords a junior model as nicely to retain the youngster’s completely happy offering quality frames children look cool donning. You will discover plenty of the products within the range have thicker frames and arms, just because everyone knows that children have a tendency to unintentionally break things.

If you happen to prefer to purchase you should be able to look for any of those prime makers like Oakley at your local procuring malls. In the event you choose to shop online doing a simple search for the model name will yield loads of outcomes for you to select from, and Amazon as one of many largest online retailers, is a good place to check as well.

These aggressive Discount Oakley sunglasses Holbrook became ever-popular with sports styles. The lenses were generally much bigger than the eye: offering for the entire eye to be protected. The shape of the lenses was in a teardrop; this would offer the Oakley sunglasses to be placed under Oakley goggles. This style of Oakley sunglasses rise in popularity over the years, and sport sunglasses are still on the market today.

Oakley Sunglasses are engineered to cater for your facial features. Not all facial features are made the same making it essential for top brands like Oakley to offer an upmarket alternative to the consumer. Oakley Sunglasses that are too big can be uncomfortable and annoying to have on, and worse still, can drown out your entire face. Many producers will mass produce a standard size and offer a limited amount of styles in other sizes. The good news here is that when you buy aviators or Oakley Sunglasses for instance, you get the option in multiple styles.

Oakley Sunglasses Are Highly Style Sport Eyewear

Oakley sunglasses clearance also are made to fusion science with fashion. They are not only functional, but they look great as well. So you can utilize them to create your styling statement, while shielding your eyes. They offer optimized vision and clarity. They fit well, are ultra – light and offer all – day comfort. Their lenses are impact resistant and they guarantee that rain, dust, dirt or sweat won’t build up on them.

Oakley is a world famous US sunglass brand. Oakley sunglasses were seen in many Hollywood movies. Oakley sunglasses were originally created by producers for outdoor activities. They are also known as cycling sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses are highly stylish sport eyewear, which were worn by celebrities.

These cheap Oakley sunglasses outlet are constructed of superior quality that you can utilize your Oakleys for all day long. They make you look cool and fashionable; they offer function. With their UV400-coated lenses, for instance, you can shield your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Oakley sunglasses are completely legal too.

The Oakley frames are constructed of steel or plastic, basing on your preference. They are durable, so they don easily break off when you accidentally drop them on concrete roads or on the floor. Their colors don immediately fade away even after prolonged sun or water exposure.

Oakley Sunglasses Make A Positive Head Turner

The special characteristic of Oakley sunglasses is that they are also available with polarized lenses which trim glare when you’re out in the sunlight. You can base on Oakley sunglasses not only for eye-sight safety, but besides for the ultimate suit, flexibility, and durability. Using these Oakley sunglasses, you really do not need to be worry about your appearance! These Oakley sunglasses will certainly not forget to get the consideration while offering optimum safety to your eyes. Superb craftsmanship, distinctive design, and featherweight frames make these Oakley sunglasses a positive head turner!

Women’s and men’s Oakley sunglasses can be found in lots of colors that you can choose from to cater for your appearance. These Oakley sunglasses are exactly the essential fashion accessories for outdoor lovers! Not only they trim a dash of trend, but also secure the user’s eyes from damaging rays and glares. There are plenty of Oakley sunglasses that consist of crucial capabilities to offer optimum comfort.

Oakley sunglasses can be easily found there.A good quality Oakley sunglass is the one that looks exactly like the original. You cannot do the same while buying Oakley sunglasses from a retail shop. Know the market value and the difference you save – A pair of Oakley sunglasses will charge you a plenty of money but a duplicate will get you the same style in a rate cost-effective to the pocket.

Before you make the buy it is must to know that you examine how real the special offer is. Most of the time people are conscious that the original could cost them a fortune and a replica is much affordable but many do not know how much they could be saving by buying Oakley sunglasses. On an online shop for Oakley sunglasses you can comfortably assess the price of the Oakley sunglasses and compare them with the original. In this way you will learn how authentic the seller is. In case you do not like the offer you can always move on to another site for a better offer.

Even if you prefer investing in Cheap Oakley sunglasses you could have preferences for styles offered by specific brands. An online shop will let you know of the design trends followed by their collection. Also an online shop offers all the available collection of the market and is rarely out of stock. So, if you want to buy sunglasses then go online shopping for range of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley release new Airbrake snow glasses 2014

World leading sport brand Oakley grandly released the brand new 2014 snow season products, including various signature series and brand-new color snow-glasses, together with you to shake the ice sky and snow land. The main products for this season are Oakley Airbrake glasses cooperated with Shaun White and Tanner Hall, inherited the Oakley’s advanced technology, combine the legendary idol and cross-culture pioneer Tanner, offering wearer more selections, making wearer own the HD sight and showing off distinguished fashion charm.

Many years ago,when Eskimo invented snow-glasses, it was just a piece of wood with a narrow chink, just to prevent snow-blindness. And now, after continuos development, snow-glasses functions are being more and more perfect, Oakley’snow glasses are not only comfortable in wearing but also fashion, anti-collision, anti-fog, anti-ultraviolet rays, some lens adopt switchlock technology, which can change lens fast and safe.and about the lens style and color combination, designers also put great efforts,contract color, stripe accessory, high reflection lens, changeable head belt, every model is low-key but very characteristic.

In the passed many years, Shaun White has seized one and one gold medals into pockets, his talent and efforts always encouraged Oakley http://www.oakley.com/ keep innovative. Outdoor weather changed often and hard to control, at this time, only 1 pair of lens is not enough, Oakley Airbrake snow glasses offer you the best solution, the switchlock technology make the lens changing easy and fast, and ensure no broken in reassembling which may cause visual deformation and realize the best light filter, visual contrast and color balance. Only open the switch, you can take lens out. All lens are made of Plutonite material, HDO high definition optical technology, durable and 100% filter UVA, UVB, UVC and 400nm harmful blue rays, protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Oakley sponsor China National Bicycle Team

Oakley GM of China HUANG HONG DA AND Chenjian, Minister of National Sports Bureau Bicycle Administration Center, unveiled the bicycle art works. The world famous sport brand Oakley aimed to transmit bicycle riding culture, they launched a special exhibition on the theme of France Bicycle Racing, with a fresh way and experience ignited the passion for riding culture, refresh the hot summer.  To celebrate the 100th France Bicycle Racing, as the pioneer of riding, Oakley together with China National Bicycle Team took the responsibility for riding culture promotion. And they declared that Oakley oakley radar sunglasses being the assigned glasses brand for China National Bicycle Team.


Oakley has a long history with France Bicycle Racing, since Oakley sportsman win the first championship 27 years ago, Oakley win the trust of Cadel Evans, Mark Cavendish and other outstanding sportsmen by continuos innovation. Only in 2012, there are 7 from the top 10 players chose Oakley glasses in France Bicycle Racing.  Oakley GM of China HUANG HONG DA said, France Bicycle Racing is the most important bicycle game in the world, every player is a tough warrior, Oakley appreciate these distinguished sportsmen for their spirits of surpassing themselves, Oakley will support them with innovative technology for every training and game, and also devoted to offer audiences more fantastic games.


In this France Bicycle Racing exhibition, the large picture of Radarlock glasses is especially eye-catching in front of the shang hai jiuguang mall. the models in racing jerseys attracted many consumers, the consumers can enjoy the riding themselves and take professional training from fitness trainer. even witness the all the professional test, including HD clearness, HD polarized light, anti-collision and anti-ultraviolet rays. got the complete view of Oakley technologies.


Oakley http://www.oakley.com/  is match for National Bicycle team for their unique glasses technology and subvert tradition character. The highlight of the day is a bicycle made of more than 400 pieces reused lens, designed by Oakley. The minister of Bicycle team said: Bicycle used to getting away from our life, now it’s return as a whole new healthy leisure style, we wish to promotion bicycle culture through the cooperation with Oakley, to develop bicycle riding better in China, this kingdom of bicycle. For the 100th France Bicycle Racing, Oakley oakley minute sunglasses put out century France racing limited version, and Radarlock with Mark Cavendish signature, sparing no efforts to support bicycle riding, to witness the new king surpass legends, creating even more gorgeous moments.

Oakley FAST JACKET glasses for sale

Oakley FAST JACKET glasses Product overview, Ultra develop the concept of adapt and conquer, Oakley’s FAST JACKET sunglasses got outstanding performance, adopt changeable lens design, to wear in different environment. The application of switchlock technology, making lens changing fast and convenient. This technology lock the lens by a fast-uninstall system. Through switchlock technology, lens can be fastened tightly with best sight, real and precise.

You can take off the lens by click the stainless button conveniently, fewest steps without any trouble. Just put new lens in right place then you can wear them on. From sunrise to sunset, the light condition changes often, if visual can not adapt it, you will not able to enjoy the view.  Professional athletes all knows that rays filter, defend strong lights, visual contrast and color balance if combined properly, it will help yourself to perform best, and all these factors changed from different sport games and sport court.

With the help of Oakley http://www.oakley.com/ Fast Jacket, they are able to adapt the environment in fastest speed, to reach all the advantage. Oakley fast jacket applied the world NO.1 technology, and incomparable HDO and XYZ OPTICS technologies. You can got HD sight and optical precision from any visual angle, every frame got NANO anti-oil pen, which you can paint a transparent film, then the water will leave no mark which may block sight on the lens. The anti-collision performance meet ANSI Z87.1 standard, and the clearness, optical precision is also higher. With 2 pairs changeable lens, one for strong light, the other one for weak light environment, can be worn in various condition. This pair of glasses got a free glasses box contained for customer put away glasses conveniently.

Frame: the protrude metal logo, fast jacket half frame structure, no hinder for downside views. Oakley Frame made by 0 MATTER material, light and comfort, durable for professional sport. LENS: SWITCHLOCK changeable lens technology, enable you change lens fast and safe. Adopt the purest optical material PLUTONITE, which can filter all ultraviolet rays, including UVA、UVB、UVC and 400nm harmful blue rays.  Nose pad: every frame got 2 pairs changeable nose pad in 2 size. It helps to locate precisely. both nose pad and frame legs are made of UNOBTAINIUM material, adding the traction in sweat. mens oakley sunglasses cheap Frame legs: 3-pointed frame keep lens in precise optical alignment, and comfortable for wearing without common frame pressuring ears.

Oakley Half Jacket Mens Sunglasses

Oakley http://www.oakley.com/ Half Jacket 2.0 adopt the lens changeable design,                      which allows riders to adapt all kinds of optical environment in racing, and XL series enlarged lens design not only offer wearers wider sight, but also ensure bigger protection zone around eyes. The package contains black coating film lens will eliminate shining light and balance the transition of coming rays, make your sight more clear and improve the contrast. Adding the extra pair of lens also adopt the sight optimization technology, which enable you handle multiple rays conditions easily.

This model glasses adopt polished black 0 Matter memory plastic material for legs and blue Unobtainium anti-slippery rubber for ear coat, it was inspired by France national flag.Unobtainium Material will improve the traction in sweats, prevent glasses moving and anti-slippery effectively in fierce games. One angle of the lens got the unique logo of the Racing Tour of France by laser carving, to salute the 100th Racing Tour of France. This limited version glasses got the customed Microclear glasses pocket, the Racing Tour of France logo and Oakley’s original technology patterns are quite powerful.

Frame: Using O Matter memory material is not only light and durable, but also the all condition wearing comfort. Unobtainium anti slippery rubber parts improve the traction in sweating, prevent moving and anti-slippery effectively. three-point plying-up design bring comfortable wearing and optimized sight. half frame design enlarged the bottom half sight greatly.

Lens: Changeable lens ensure you handle various optical environments easily, improve your performance. HDO HD optical technology will not only offer HD sight, but also offer outstanding anti-collision protection. XYZ THREE POINT plying-up lens tech bring you better and wider sight. Made by brand new cutting technology will defend harmful optical rays and impact. super pure Plutonite materials can filter ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays 100%,  the black coating film inside the package will eliminate the shining light and improve your sight in strong light environment.

Tom Cruse wearing Oakley glasses in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4

Crazy nitpicking inventor owns thousands of patents, from motorbike handle to glasses, The brand philosophy of Oakley http://www.oakley.com/ is continue to discover problem and seeking solutions in artist way.in other words, nitpicking and paranoid character made Jim Jannard and his Oakley.

Do you still remember Tom Cruse climbing the world highest tower- Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower in <<MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4>>? then you must be interested with Tom’s’ equipments, especially the wind glasses- silver frame, still got powerful function at 800m high sky, and good news is that  maybe you can buy it online in China in 2014! this pair of glasses made by Oakley. this brand got 40 years history entered China market since 2008, but because their most products are in professional sports area(like golf) and outdoor products store, ordinary consumers can’t see them often, so it’s just so so for these years. The direct result is when in USA, 1 in 20 people wearing Oakley never happened in China.But Oakley got his own development logic: the GM of China HUANG HONG DA replied in the <<First Financial Daily>> view, In the first 3 or 4 years, Oakley was getting to know China consumer and channel character. this is different from those “fast is best” people, in new age, Oakley’s goal is understand consumer character completely, data collecting is what we are most interested for now.

The philosophy of discovering problems. In the spot of the ISPO outdoor exhibition, Oakley staff do the one same experiment again and again, a 500g broach fall from 50cm high hit the plastic model, as a result, only those area protected by Oakley glasses are excellent without damage, the lens got some cracks but no broken.Behind these, there are more than 1000 patents about glasses of Oakley, the speed and focus on research and development is largest competitiveness of Oakley.It’s hard to imagine that such a brand focus on glasses, they developed from making motorbike handle covers. the creator Jim Jannard shows his paranoia at the very first for handle material and design, and this character was took to sunglasses research and production.Take glasses design for example, at that time, Oakley just just changed from motorbike handle  cover manufacture to glasses manufacture and getting his business on track by goggles, Jim Jannard tried hard to design a new style of sunglasses made by 1 whole piece of glasses just because he need 1 pair of better glasses.
this model was not promising in other manufactures finally win the market for it’s powerful function, which accelerate the professional sport glasses and carve “discover problems” to Oakley’s gene further more.

In china market, Oakley inherited this tradition, HUANG made an example that Asian face and head mold are greatly differently from Europe and America ones, and also on color favorite, and the taking sports rates is not high so many prefer to life style models other than sport style, so not all previous Oakley products are fit for China Consumers.If OAKLEY products are not fit for Chinese in wearing, we got no advantage, said HUANG HONG DA, SO Oakley are always trying to develop glasses fit for Chinese people, and adjust the product position correspondingly.

Oakley declared the new slogan “Beyond Reason”

It’s the count down time of London Olympic, the world leading sport brand Oakley declared the new slogan“Beyond Reason” in China: Solute to those who dare to try, improve themself, create new miracles. and meanwhile, Oakley published the brand new Oakley RadarLock professional sports sunglasses which made by revolutionary switchlock lens, which can offer athletes the unprecedented outstanding visual performance and ultra safety protection, continuing the “HD WORLD, NO BOUNDING” legend. To celebrate this event, Oakley together with beach volleyball athlete TIANJIA, other sport fans and journalists launched a long-distance race party in Beijing SHUNYI Olympic water park, treated the gamers with a fabulous sport experience fusion-ed with scientific technology and art beauty.

Oakley is always to devoted to help athletes and sports fans to improve competition and sports performance by their world leading innovative technology. “Beyond Reason” is a declaration of Oakley life style: insist on innovation, rebel the tradition, never compromise, encouraging people to break though limits, beyond reason, just be better, no matter you are in or out of the Olympic game. Blade soldier Oscar Pistorius from South Africa is just the best model for this brand spirits, he is already the 4 championship winner in Paralympic games, and he is the world record keeper of 100m and 400m racing. And this year, he will use his natural no-feet body to take part in London Olympic and London Paralympic games, compete with those able-bodied athletes.

The brand new RadarLock professional sport sunglasses endorsed by Oscar Pistorius is the new masterpiece of Oakley, http://www.zappos.com/oakley it’s the priority equipment for athletes and bicycle racing. This series adopt the Oakley’s unique switchlock lenc changing technology, making changing lens a piece of cake, upgrade Radarlock as an all condition, multiple function protection sport glasses. enable the wearer to change for 5 lens at most according to detailed needs in running or other outdoor sports for various weather or light conditions, so it will improve sport performance greatly.

At the same time, Radarlock series inherited the characteristic HDO (High Definition Optics) technology, besides ensuring acuity and fidelity, also can totally filter ultraviolet rays attack. And the anti-collision function is flawless, promise wearer the most reliable protection in high speed or fierce sports, and the series all are designed with bold colors and ultra streamline outlook make it the best choice for athletes to show off their own character.

The GM of Oakley in China, HUANG HONG DA said: we are so glad to challenge personal limits, experience sports passion with so many friends here, and we wanna solute all the London Olympic athletes, just like Oscar Pistorius conquered the world with his persistence and never give up spirit, Oakley wish to offer the advanced technology for more clear sight and eyes protection by Oakley lens, and also wish to convey the unlimited Spirits of sports and the pursuit for dream, persistence of belief.

Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses Add An Unique Look To Casual Clothing

Starting with the highest quality of materials, Oakley designs sunglasses for both men and women in a multitude of styles. Oakley (https://twitter.com/oakley) doesn’t just design sunglasses that will be popular today; it designs its glasses in order that they will look as trendy next month and next year as they do the day you buy them. Each and every pair of Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses features distinctive detailing and sensual and provocative design. Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses are especially popular for celebrities and nighttime wear adding a distinctive look to even the most casual clothing.

While all Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses denote style, luxury and latest in innovative designs they are more than just simple fashion wears for the rich and famous. These Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses are engineered with the latest in technological advances to ensure that your eyes receive the most protection available from the suns harsh UV rays. The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses lenses are also engineered to be scratch resistant. This combination of style and functionality takes these Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses to the very top of the class.

Polarized Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses offer protection from the suns reflection on snow, water, sand and road surfaces. People who wear prescription eyeglasses prefer polarized Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses because this style of sunglasses offers style without compromising vision. People who are active in sports wear polarized Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses that are mirrored on the outside and reflect light. You can easily change your glasses by attaching on a pair of Fake Oakleys. Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses come in a range of styles and colors also.